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Risk Reduction is the ultimate measure of success for any PSM program. Risk is quantified by the frequency of occurrence and severity of impact. Read more

Petrochemical investment in the Northeast US is set to rise exponentially, for example, during 2020-25 the NE will account for 16% of North American petrochemical projects compared to 1% during 2015-2019. Read more

Mexico is rapidly building new pipeline infrastructure to import U.S. natural gas in order to accommodate increased energy demand due to the decline in Mexico’s domestic natural gas production. Read more

By 2020, it is estimated there will be 31 billion connected devices globally. These connected devices transmit thousands of data points that can be analyzed to understand trends and provide insights into areas of improvement. Read more

Even when you think you’ve checked all the right boxes regarding safety compliance, there’s one crucial element you may be neglecting: your employees. Read more

Accurate inventory is critical to terminal operations. However, the dynamic nature of the industry can make it difficult to deal with complex product movement and custody transfer issues. Read more

At least 14 million tonnes of additional petrochemical capacity of natural gas-derived chemicals including ethylene, propylene and methanol is expected to come online from 2018 through 2023. Read more

With 100 projects and thousands of supply chain opportunities being proposed for Canada valued at more than $12 billion do you know where and when to focus your efforts first? Read more

Close to half (46 percent) of senior oil and gas professionals believe that there has been underinvestment in inspection and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment in recent years. Read more

An outlook for the oil and gas industry in 2018 Read more

The sixth edition of The Construction Chart Book – 'The U.S. Construction Industry and Its Workers' continues to present the most complete data available on all facets of the U.S. construction industry: economic, demographic, employment/income... Read more

As we move into the future, it’s clear that organizations will need to provide more in-depth, diverse training to meet new industry challenges and stay competitive in the marketplace. Read more

Without question, maintaining an up-to-date safety program can be nearly a full-time endeavor. Read more

A new whitepaper recently released by Petrochemical Update provides a market outlook on US Downstream Engineering, Construction & Maintenance spending in 2018. Read more

Fighting fires with anything less than the best put your personnel and operations at risk. Read more

Using the RCM model of determining failure modes, this paper takes apart lubricant failures specific to all related processes. Read more

This informative e-book provides valuable information for reducing energy costs, establishing and maintaining efficiencies in compressed air and steam systems. Read more

Personal safety is a primary concern for every lone or remote worker in an industrial setting. Add in confined spaces or dangerous materials, and the potential for injury increases exponentially. Read more

Conducting a compressed air survey is only half the battle. Read more

Bearings are not meant to last forever; failure mechanisms are inevitable. Read more

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