Health, Safety & Environmental

Saudi Aramco said there were no injuries and no interruptions to oil operations. Read more


Dow believes that plastic waste has value and can be transformed into new products and energy. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

In addition to inflicting tragic loss of life, severe weather events wield the potential to damage terminals and tanks and impact services and commodity prices. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tommy Hysler offers 90-seconds of safety precautions to stay cool in Houston's heat. Read more

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Today, the American Petroleum Institute issued a new technical report to aid oil and natural gas companies in selecting the right materials for bolting, a key to safe and reliable operations. Read more


While considerable progress has been made in recent years in identifying, addressing and eliminating the causes of industrial and process safety incidents, the goal is to get to zero worker injuries and adverse events. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

This year, Fishbone celebrates its 20th anniversary with one of the best safety records in the industry: 20 years with a continuous Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of zero. There has never been a recordable injury in any Fishbone company. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

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CIMA Services LP was recently nominated by Flint Hills Resources (FHR) for a Houston Safety Excellence Award, given by the Houston Business Roundtable (HBR) and the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC). Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Develop a contractor-led safety program that revitalized the engagement of the contractor workforce. Read more

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In 1919, the construction industry was forever changed by the invention of an often overlooked but significant worker safety advancement: the hard hat. Today, the hard hat is the most recognizable safety product worn by workers on industrial jobsite. Read more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Morning keynote will look back at the Panama Canal expansion and how it helps the U.S., Texas and regional economies for maritime, petrochemical and logistics industries Read more

Plant Management & Operations

United States Environmental Services (USES) was contracted by National Response Corp. to assist in the cleanup efforts directly related to the Intercontinental Terminals Co. (ITC) tank fire that took place earlier this year in Deer Park, Texas. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Environmental awareness

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The operation of environmental emission control equipment in the petroleum and chemical industries today has become a critical focus. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Data from many sources must be leveraged, analyzed and understood to forecast the direction of efforts toward improving both safety performance and culture. What data do you leverage to strategically improve safety? Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Facilities put a lot of effort into ensuring people get home to their families safely every day. This is especially true when preparing to enter a turnaround event. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Canaries can be found in a variety of warm, tropical places. Of all the places you would expect to see a canary, one of the last would be in the dark, cool depths of a coal mine. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Just one-third of projects -- that's how many large-scale construction projects come within 10 percent of their budget, according to recent findings from KPMG International. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

To ensure fall protection equipment will perform as needed across the wide spectrum of potential work environments, manufacturers subject gear to a specific battery of tests designed to push equipment to the limits -- and then some. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Founded in 1971, TIMEC has served the U.S. oil and gas industry for nearly 50 years, providing maintenance services at industrial facilities during shutdowns and turnarounds. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

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