Since 1984, BIC Alliance and its sister companies – BIC Magazine, IVS Investment Banking and BIC Recruiting – have earned a reputation as a primary communication link for connecting buyers and suppliers in business and industry with one another. BIC Alliance helps companies experience organic growth via increased market share and through mergers, company acquisitions and key talent acquisitions. BIC Alliance connects people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all.

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BIC Alliance’s mission is “to connect people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all.” In a business setting, better usually means growth. When a company looks to grow, it can do so in three ways: an aggressive marketing plan, hiring the right people and acquiring businesses (or obtaining capital for expansion). BIC Alliance Founder and CEO Earl Heard and his partner Thomas Brinsko have developed a unique business model to help businesses accomplish all of these growth opportunities with the BIC Alliance family of companies.

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BIC Alliance publishes Business & Industry Connection (BIC) Magazine 6 times a year and recently celebrated its 40th year in circulation. BIC reaches nearly 100,000 mid- and upper-level managers and executives in the refining/petrochemical, drilling and exploration, pipeline, marine, terminal, pulp and paper, power generation and heavy construction industries. Departments in the publication cover industry concerns such as safety, maintenance, purchasing and the environment. BIC is also featured online in its entirety and is accessed worldwide. BIC’s horizontal format gives it an advantage against its competitors’ vertical approach. BIC Magazine serves a wider variety of sectors and departments than other energy magazines. It also has ongoing editorial, direct mail, email blasts and access to databases.

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BIC Recruiting came about in 1992 when a BIC Alliance member asked Heard to help him find an experienced selling professional. Initially, Heard thought the firm wanted an industrial ad in the help wanted section of BIC. When Heard began describing his idea for the ad, the executive told him, “Earl, with your experience, contacts and influence, we want to use you as our recruiting firm.” And just like that, BIC Recruiting was born. Today, BIC Recruiting is used by more than 80 companies and has helped place even more employees in C-level executive, managerial and sales positions. 

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IVS Investment Banking allows BIC Alliance companies to be a one-stop shop not only for marketing and talent recruiting but also for merger and acquisition matchmaking, investment banking and recapitalization. Through relationships and interest from strategic buyers such as BIC Alliance members and the limited universe of private equity groups, IVS is able to run a “dual path” when representing sellers, maximizing value for its clients.

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BIC Media Solutions connects investors, filmmakers and publishers to help fund, co-produce and market inspirational and faith/family friendly media, including films, documentaries, TV, books and events. Films and books produced by BIC Media Solutions include: “Rock Bottom and Back™,” “It’s What We Do Together That Counts,” “Energy Entrepreneurs,” “Industry Achievers,” “Earl’s Pearls,” “Michael Learns to Listen,” “Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes—Leaving A Legacy” and “A Gift Horse.”