UE Systems

In an industrial setting, assets are everything. A breakdown can cause hours of downtime, and thus hours of lost productivity and lower financial gains. Read more

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BIC Magazine attends SMRP's non-profit, 12th Annual Maintenance & Reliability Symposium, supporting scholarships for those looking to join the industry. Read more


Ultrasound and infrared technologies are a perfect match when conducting inspections of electrical equipment. At any voltage, thermal anomalies and sources of ultrasound such as tracking and arcing can occur. Corona can also occur at 1,000 volts... Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

Using the RCM model of determining failure modes, this paper takes apart lubricant failures specific to all related processes. Read more

This informative e-book provides valuable information for reducing energy costs, establishing and maintaining efficiencies in compressed air and steam systems. Read more

Bearings are not meant to last forever; failure mechanisms are inevitable. Read more

Assets with moving parts rely on the consistent application of lubricants to function properly. Facility managers who work to improve their condition monitoring strategies benefit from improved asset uptime and cost reductions. Read more

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Steam systems rely on dozens of moving parts to operate properly. If even one piece of an asset malfunctions, it could spell disaster for a facility. Read more

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    Corroded valves and pipes will decrease the entire system's efficiency.

  • UE Systems

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