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Newly released to the industrial cleaning market, the Apollo exhibits the simultaneous delivery of five rigid lances, offering increased production per stroke in comparison to three-lance competitive models. Read more

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Leaders must ensure that their groups are in the best position for success. In industrial cleaning, preparation with proper training on tooling and technique is critical in order to meet job expectations. Read more

Training & Human Resources

Terydon Inc. recently equipped its award-winning Lunch Box Wireless Control with the newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 ruggedized touch-screen tablet, providing enhancements at every feature. Read more

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Miriam Dörr

Human nature fuels itself on seeking the next "unexpected"; if too little fear is induced, the activity is boring. If too much fear is induced, the activity becomes frightening. Read more

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Unplugged or poorly plugged wells are an environmental hazard, as they provide the potential for natural gases or fluids to escape into the atmosphere, creating health or fire hazards and contaminating freshwater zones. Read more

Drilling & Exploration

Terydon Inc. was selected as a finalist for the Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation Safety Innovation Award of 2019. Read more

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BIC visits with StoneAge, HydroChemPSC, Houston Area Safety Council and many more at the 2018 WJTA-IMCA show in New Orleans. Read more

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Well experienced in the world of information technology, Terydon Inc.’s Vice President of Technology Advancement Gordon East says you can’t afford to be a naysayer when it comes to changes in life or technology. Read more

Training & Human Resources

Terydon Inc. recently released its latest upgrade to its Lunch Box Wireless Control in the Recall feature for tube bundle cleaning. As the name implies, the operator can now load a previously performed cleaning job on the touch-screen tablet control Read more

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Twice the production per worker? Well, that sounds nice. And that is just the beginning.Leading the surge into full automation, Terydon Inc. continues to stay ahead of the curve by announcing “Multiple Machine Monitoring” as the latest advancement Read more

Plant Management & Operations

We are all familiar with the occasional case of “the Mondays.” However, few people today experience a Monday like a mid-20th century bank teller. On a normal Monday in 1969, it was common to see a line of 40-50 people outside the bank at the start of Read more

Training & Human Resources

With the resources that are available around us today, we can rid ourselves of mediocre technology designed merely to meet the status quo of "now," but then become obsolete within minimal time. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

Terydon Inc. has introduced the newest member of its 20K Swivel family, the T20-10. Read more

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The Bluetooth communication standard is embedded in many products, ranging from wireless mice and keyboards to smartphones. Over 3 billion Bluetooth products will ship this year, with 5 billion products projected to ship by 2019. Read more

Plant Management & Operations

Terydon Inc. recently introduced Smart Indexing 2.0, an upgrade for tube bundle cleaning. This second generation of Smart Indexing models the first generation functionality of navigating from tube-to-tube with the single click... Read more

New Products & Services

As the importance of safety and production in the industrial cleaning industry is recognized, the need for automated tooling for cleaning is in high demand. And why not, as its presence already floods our everyday lives? Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Contributing yet another enhancing cleaning feature for tube bundle cleaning, Terydon's newest Lunch Box upgrade showcases a sleek pecking cycle feature for cleaning plugged tubes. Read more

New Products & Services

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