Reliability Solutions

What happens in today's facilities when you hand round sheets/handhelds to operators and tell them to perform those rounds on the equipment in their area? Read more

Plant Management & Operations

Throughout industry, operators are given the task of inspecting the equipment they operate. Typically, they have not received any training and/or have not been provided the tools needed to accomplish these tasks effectively. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

When we provide classes for operators, we must make sure site leadership spends time laying out a roadmap for success. Read more

Training & Human Resources

Reliability Solutions has launched a new workforce development product. Reliable Manufacturing® On Demand is an intuitive, web-based training system designed to provide the practical knowledge vital to implementing Reliable Manufacturing. Read more

New Products & Services

Reliability Solutions was founded in 2003 by Ian McKinnon and Tim Dortch to efficiently and effectively train America's current and next generation of industry workers the old-fashioned, hands-on way. Read more

Training & Human Resources