TROY GOLDMAN, Product Integrity Manager, Sun Coast Resources Inc.

When you drop ice cream in the mud, nothing happens to the mud. It just becomes more mud. Meanwhile, the ice cream is ruined forever. The same is true of lubricants. Read more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Gasoline's volatility is better described as its tendency to evaporate at a specific temperature and measured by the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) in units of psi. Read more

Current Issue

Spring is approaching, and with it comes spring cleaning, so now is a good time to check a few things you don't usually include in your ongoing fluid handling and maintenance programs. Read more

Current Issue

In an effort to reduce particulate and nitrogen- oxide emissions of diesel engines, the EPA has a set of emission rules currently in place. Read more

Drilling & Exploration

To really appreciate the value of clean hydraulic fluid, you first have to understand the six different equipment wear modes. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

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