ANGELA E. SUMMERS, Ph.D., P.E., President and CEO, SIS-TECH Solutions ELOISE ROCHE, Senior SCAI Consultant, SIS-TECH Solutions and MONICA HOCHLEITNER, Senior Consultant, SIS-TECH Solutions

Case studies included in a new book from the Center for Chemical Process Safety, "Guidelines for Safe Automation of Chemical Processes," provide examples of how errors by operators and maintenance personnel contribute to process safety incidents. more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Automation equipment in control applications is selected primarily based on operational needs, such as functionality, reliability, repeatability, accuracy, communication options and ease of maintenance. more

Maintenance & Reliability

Many oil and gas, petrochemical and specialty chemical companies invest millions of dollars on automation in safety applications to reduce the likelihood of safety incidents. Investment starts early. Hundreds of engineering hours are used to brainsto more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

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