BIC visits with ParkUSA, MELTRIC, MSA and more at the 2019 Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition (WEFTEC) in Chicago. Read more

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The StormTrooper system is to intercept free oils and sediments from stormwater runoff and retain them for periodic removal. Read more

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ParkUSA has offered water management and technology solutions to industries for over 35 years. Read more

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BIC Magazine visits with BIC Alliance members at the 2019 Environmental Trade Fair and Conference (ETFC) - TCEQ in Austin, Texas. Read more

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BIC Magazine visits with clients at TCEQ. Read more

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  • Michele Salinas, Joe Arizola, and Nancy Sullins, with ParkUSA, and Melissa Walkenhauer, BIC Magazine, Mark Varley, Vapor Technologies, Inc., and Horacio Salinas, ParkUSA network at the 2019 Environmental Trade and Conference (ETFC) - TCEQ, in Austin, Texas.