If inspection records and proof test certificates aren't properly managed it can lead to safety issues and failure to meet required reporting standards. Fortunately, asset management technologies for rigging and lifting products are now available... more

Maintenance & Reliability

Documentation can be a necessary evil for keeping lifting and rigging assets in compliance, but technological advances make paperwork a thing of the past. more

Training & Human Resources

There are many benefits to a planned, ongoing hose maintenance program, and OnGuard® Asset Management offers facility managers an easy way to be reminded when their hose systems need to be inspected or maintained. more

Plant Management & Operations

The ability to track rigging and lifting assets on the job site is a difficult challenge and it can be a stretch to manage it all. more

Lifting & Transport

Hose management is critical at manufacturing facilities, especially in plants using chemicals in their processes. more

Maintenance & Reliability

Many facilities don't have a structured, ongoing hose maintenance program. OnGuard, provides a hose management solution tags the asset, tracks when the system goes into service, and alerts the facility when service or replacement is necessary. more

Maintenance & Reliability

OnGuard® Asset Management is a licensed service of SBP Holdings Inc. and is offered through our industrial distributor network throughout the U.S. As a local distributor, with years of experience of industrial hose applications... more


Proper hose assembly maintenance and documentation are necessary throughout the petrochemical industry– from refineries to chemical plants. Process, transfer, loading and unloading. more

Maintenance & Reliability

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