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Although most CBD products claim to have under 0.3-percent THC, which is classified as hemp, the products remain unregulated, making the THC levels unreliable. more

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BIC Alliance member companies' varied offerings can bring you sustainability and peace of mind in hurricane preparation and response. more

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When an employer chooses not to hire an applicant based on information that is provided through a background check, then it is mandatory by law to initiate the adverse action process. more

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Check out BIC, Houston Area Safety Council, Chevron Phillips and many others at the TCC-ACIT EHS Seminar in Galveston, TX. more

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Vice President of Integrations, DISA Global Solutions more

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DISA, John Peterson


John Peterson, president and CEO of DISA Global Solutions, has been with the company two years, leading DISA and his team to growth and expansion. more

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Can employees now be fired or not hired if marijuana is detected in their systems? The short answer: Yes. Although California's Proposition 64 allows people the right to light up, it also states that employers can still test workers for marijuana use more

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DISA Global Solutions saw more than 25 percent of drug and alcohol tests utilize eCCFs in 2017. An eCCF is used for processing all drug tests digitally. It reduces the hassle of paper and the likelihood of workers creating errors. more

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DOT's new regulations, modifying drug testing programs went into effect Jan. 1. The final ruling aligns the DOT with the Department of Health and Human Services panel. The revised regulations test for additional Schedule II substance and others... more

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Safety Management Systems, Glove Guard, Norton Drilling, DISA, Secon and BIC Alliance mingle at the IADC HSE and Training Conference. more

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Employee screening has evolved significantly over the years. What started with the Department of Transportation almost 30 years ago has changed with the times. Drugs, and the behaviors of those who abuse them, have changed. more

Training & Human Resources

DISA now offers an integration into the iCIMS Talent Platform, a suite of talent acquisition tools enabling organizations to source, screen and employ the best for their ever-changing business needs. more

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