Some industrial service companies maintain their service lines; others reinvent them. more

Maintenance & Reliability

Technological improvements are rapidly changing the methods and equipment used to clean and decoke furnace coils in refining and chemical process operations. more


When choosing a turnaround services provider, you have multiple good options. But in a business where efficiency gains of a few percentage points mean thousands of dollars in savings, good leaves a lot on the table. more

Maintenance & Reliability

Aided in large part by technology transfers from other industries, inert catalyst changeout projects are becoming substantially safer and more efficient. Here are some of the innovations that are advancing the state of the art. more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Rod Powell, vice president; Pat Debusk, sales director; and Mark Stuckey, Emily Ring and Taylor Whitley attend the WJTA Conference in New Orleans. more

BIC Attends

BIC, DeBusk attend ACIT Contractor Safety Panel Luncheon more

BIC Attends

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