TRACY T STRAWN, CMRP, President, Energy Services Marshall Institute

As organizations are pressured to reduce costs and remain competitive, requirements for increased availability, throughput, product quality, etc. within a rapidly changing demand environment continue to elevate the tempo and intensity of operations. more

Training & Human Resources

One of the most dreaded words a maintenance manager can hear is "audit." And when the auditor's report comes out, those on the receiving end may feel like they are being cross-examined in a courtroom. more

Plant Management & Operations

To a new maintenance manager arriving at a large facility, there is a danger of being overwhelmed by the maze of regulations, ISO requirements, asset management models and other seemingly urgent tasks. more

Maintenance & Reliability

It is common knowledge planned, scheduled maintenance is much more cost-effective than unplanned, run-to-failure or emergency maintenance. more

Maintenance & Reliability

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