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Out of more than 1200 ALMA members, only nine safety awards were distributed for 2017 by AEU and Morrison was placed top of our category. more

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BIC Alliance member companies' varied offerings can bring you sustainability and peace of mind in hurricane preparation and response. more

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Chet Morrison Contractors is providing thermal sprayed aluminum (TSA) coating services in-house at its ISO-certified facilities. more

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To achieve successful business operations, executive vision must be prevalent. more

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With the help of Chet Morrison Contractors, the Port of New Orleans recently exported the second of five heavy-lift oil platform components to Trinidad. The components will be shipped through 2019. more

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Coastal projects also benefit from specialized equipment, especially where shallow water or marshland is involved. Look for a contractor that owns and operates a variety of vessels that can be used in these coastal areas. more


It only takes one hurricane to devastate an area. Therefore, having a strong support system ready when needed this hurricane season is key to safety and recovery. more

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Bo Ristic of Chet Morrison Contractors visiting with Mike Page in the Alliance Safety Council booth at the Downstream Engineering & Construction Conference & Expo in New Orleans more

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