Have you ever wished your video surveillance system could instantly alert your security, maintenance or management teams to improve response time? Enter BearCom's exclusive Video Alert Dispatch Over Radio (VADOR). Read more

New Products & Services

BearCom Group Inc. recently added Tomba Communications and Electronics Inc., with four locations in the Metro New Orleans region, to the BearCom family. Read more


BIC Magazine speaks with CEO of BearCom Bob Craycraft about his leadership tactics, including why he thinks taking a positive approach is key to problem solving and how listening is vital to understanding. Read more

Plant Management & Operations

To increase worker safety and reduce downtime, you need the right two-way radio equipment along with an effective plan for support and service. Whether you own or rent radios, many factors contribute to communication system performance: Read more

Plant Management & Operations

Hurricane Season Sign With Stormy Background

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It only takes one hurricane to devastate an area. Therefore, having a strong support system ready when needed this hurricane season is key to safety and recovery. Read more

Emergency Response

Marty Yudell has joined the BearCom Houston team as a senior certified solutions consultant. Read more

People Going Places

BearCom acquires S&P Communications, A&B Communications;BrandSafway acquires Century Elevators;Sooner to acquire CTAP;Protective Industrial Products to acquire West Chester Protective Gear; Celanese completes acquisition of Linde AG production unit Read more


BearCom Group Inc., a leading provider of wireless communications equipment and solutions for voice, video and data technologies, recently added A&B Communications Inc. and S&P Communications Inc. to the BearCom family. Read more