ALEX MILLS, President, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

The year of 2014 will go down in history as the year crude oil and natural gas production in Texas and throughout the U.S. reached such epic proportions it had a positive impact on jobs, the economy a... Read more

Natural Gas/LNG

Regulation of the oil and gas industry is nothing new. State and federal agencies have had their regulatory fingers in petroleum virtually since the first barrel of oil was extracted from the ground. ... Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Have environmental groups gone too far in their overzealous attempts to save birds, fish and animals? Has the federal government gone too far in working with environmental groups that has resulted in ... Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

It is an industry that gives us a very good standard of living. It provides us with fuel for transportation, electricity and thousands of other products from plastics to heart valves. Oil and natural ... Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

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