Advanced work packaging (AWP)

Based at the University of Texas at Austin, the Construction Industry Institute's Advanced Work Packaging Community for Business Advancement is a group of passionate individuals seeking to take the advanced work packaging framework and apply its... more

Health, Safety & Environmental

According to Mark E. Lashier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, “the future of petrochemical industry could not be more bright.” But there’s always room for improvement. more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

According to Jamie Gerbrecht of ExxonMobil, it's imperative to reduce and remove any inefficiencies across the supply chains for advanced work packaging (AWP) projects, particularly when it comes to contractor and subcontractor selection. more

Maintenance & Reliability

According to KBR Director of Business Development, Construction Bryan Parsons, the ultimate goal of creating a trained AWP workforce is getting beyond the training stage and moving into the growth stage "as quickly as possible. more

Training & Human Resources

One of the most daunting tasks any company faces in integrating advanced work packaging (AWP) is selecting an effective and reliable engineering, procurement and construction contractor (EPC). more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Recently, advanced work packaging (AWP) has been gaining momentum in the U.S. as a way for owners and contractors alike to handle the downstream petrochemicals boom environment in which schedules are increasingly compressed... more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

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