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Native Ads

Native Ads, which match the form of other content on the enewsletter, are one of the most powerful lead generation tools. An example is an article written by a company to promote its expertise on a topic, or a success story showcasing its product or service. The article appears in the same form as other editorial content. First story and fourth story in the BIC Industry Connection enewsletter, unique landing page (advertiser supplies article, 500-2,500 words) with two banner ads, position on home page, social media coverage and advanced analytic report. Generally, native ads generate 50 to 100 leads that you will receive with email and contact information, if already included in our database. 

Rate: 1x: $4,900    

Specs: Sponsor has the Top and Bottom Banners on the landing page and can run the same banner or different banners in the two positions. Each position requires three ad sizes. Within and at the end of the article, the sponsor can provide “Call to Action” links, videos, white papers, etc. 

Here is more information on the specs and rates of a native ad. 

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The sponsor selects the topic and provides title and description for promotional efforts. BIC manages all promotion to BIC's audience via website, email blasts, social media, enewsletter and print, and the registratoin process. The sponsor receives the demographics of all registrants after the webinar. Content is generally 30 to 40 minutes with two to three speakers and a PowerPoint presentation. This is an excellent way to showcase your subject matter experts and generate qualified leads.

Rates for webinar package:

  • 1x $8,500

  • 2x or more $7,500 per webinar

  • Additional charge for more than 1,250 simultaneous live attendees

View all of BIC's webinars and review the breadth of knowledge each of our sponsors have presented. Here is more information on the specs and rates of a webinar.

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One of the latest offerings from BIC are videos that can be either custom made to feature interviews at trade shows or BIC's team covers news items that then can include a sponsorship strip from BIC Alliance members. We have the capability to help you in developing a video aspect of your marketing up to a corporate sizzle reel or capabilities video. We can also offer a social media marketing package to help promote this product.

Here is more information on the specs and rates of a video sponsorship.