Writers' guidelines for publication In BIC Magazine

All submitted material is subject to editing to conform with Associated Press style and BIC style. All material is also subject to editing for length and content. Headlines may be changed without notice.

Technical articles are intended to inform readers about issues, trends, and problems and to share best practices among industry. Articles advertising for a company, its products and services, case studies, etc. will not be accepted.

When submitting articles, please note the following maximum character count:

—Half page: 4,250 characters with spaces. That count should include a “for more information” line at the close of the article that contains the author’s contact information. (ex. For more information, call John Smith at (888) 888-8888 or e-mail him at

When submitting photos for inclusion with articles, character count must be reduced to reflect space needed for photos and pull quotes taken from copy. A photo with a caption is equivalent to 450 characters. Each subhead is equivalent to 75 characters. Please make every effort to submit a headshot photo to run with your byline.

Please submit copy in Microsoft Word. Copy can be e-mailed.

All guest articles are due by the 15th of the month six weeks prior to the issue for which they are to be considered. (ex. Articles for the September issue of BIC are due by July 15) You can submit after the deadline, but we cannot guarantee placement in that issue.

For more information, please contact Dylan Krieger, editorial director, at (225) 751-9996 or via email at