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Axis Technical Services has hired Billy Davis as its operations manager. Read more

People Going Places

Alsco recently celebrated the grand opening of its new mixed laundry plant in Kyle, Texas. The new facility will serve the greater Austin, Texas, area. Read more

Supplier News

BearCom acquires S&P Communications, A&B Communications;BrandSafway acquires Century Elevators;Sooner to acquire CTAP;Protective Industrial Products to acquire West Chester Protective Gear; Celanese completes acquisition of Linde AG production unit Read more


Though statistics indicate 80 percent of events are due to human error or nonconformance and 20 percent are due to equipment failure, human error is really only the starting point of the investigation. Read more

Training & Human Resources

Eight chapters comprising ABC of Texas recently made a trip to Austin, Texas, to discuss proposed industry-related legislation that our state elected officials are considering this session. Read more


Interior offers 78 million acres in new Gulf lease sale; ExxonMobil streamlining upstream organization to support growth plans; WoodMac: Exploration is 'back in the black' Read more




Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding. Read more

Supplier News

Gulf Coast Authority (GCA) has hired Stephen McLemore as its process controls engineer. Read more

People Going Places

Bayside Industrial/ Texas Constructors strives to provide the products you need when you need them, with the highest quality and competitive prices. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

While digitization of processes throughout all of industry is a 21st century inevitability, that transition is not without its challenges and risks, particularly to the oil and gas supply chain. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

Aqua-Aerobic Systems' company philosophy is to partner with customers, from system design through the life of your plant. Its personnel stand behind this commitment and will continue serving the needs of customers today and well into the future. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

Finding the correct location for your industrial facility, such as a petrochemical plant or a landfill, requires balancing multiple considerations, including access to transportation routes for raw materials or goods. Read more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Portable forge bonding is safer, faster, more reliable and more cost effective than traditional solutions for repairs and upgrades regularly required in refineries, terminals and storage facilities containing combustible fluids. Read more


While admitting "decentralization" is something of a challenge to his company's application of digital solutions to deliver business insights and compelling end-user experiences, Joshua Flowers, manager of Market Intelligence for Chevron. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

BearCom Group Inc., a leading provider of wireless communications equipment and solutions for voice, video and data technologies, recently added A&B Communications Inc. and S&P Communications Inc. to the BearCom family. Read more


In a perfect world, we would all work in weather-controlled environments where heat wouldn't be a factor and comfort could be maximized. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

More often than not, negotiations to buy/ sell a company start with a significant spread between the ask and the offer. Read more


Dekker Vacuum Technologies is accepting applicants for its next annual rotating equipment service school, to be held at the company headquarters in Michigan City. Read more

Supplier News

Harrington Hoists Inc. recently introduced its HSDSB Standard Duty Spreader Beam. Read more

New Products & Services

CLIMAX has expanded the H&S Tool Speed Facers™ product line. Read more

New Products & Services

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