Woven Metal Products

Due to customer growth and reinvestment in its infrastructure, WMP has broken ground on another new building for its complex in Alvin, Texas, just south of Houston. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

BIC attends the SMRP Houston Chapter’s 13th Annual Maintenance & Reliability Symposium in Galveston, Texas. Read more

BIC Attends

Woven Metal Products Inc. (WMP) has developed a patented tray deck orifice repair washer. This innovative design has been in service for the past year and has been presented at technical presentations during industry tradeshows. Read more

New Products & Services

Hurricane Season Sign With Stormy Background

Ronnie Chua ronniechua -

It only takes one hurricane to devastate an area. Therefore, having a strong support system ready when needed this hurricane season is key to safety and recovery. Read more

Emergency Response

Specializing in precision fabrication primarily dedicated to reactor and tower internals, Woven Metal Products (WMP) has been providing solutions to its customers for over 50 years. Read more

Plant Management & Operations

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the event focused on exchanging technical knowledge in the development of offshore energy resources, primarily oil and natural gas. More than 15,000 attendees came from outside the United States. Read more

BIC Attends

BIC Alliance attended the 2019 Plant Maintenance, Inspection and Engineering Society Conference & Expo in Pasadena, TX at the Pasadena Convention Center. Read more

BIC Attends

BIC Alliance visits with International Association of Insulators, Climax, Ironworkers Union/Impact and others. Read more

BIC Attends

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