Despite a litany of potentially game-changing advances in digital technology in recent years—a list that continues to grow—the industrial sector in general has been slow to adapt. more

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Concrete placement was recently completed on the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio, listed in the Architectural Digest as one of the most anticipated buildings of 2018. more

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The NWR project in Edmonton is one of several industrial projects worldwide, which Fluor is currently building, expanding and modernizing with the help of PERI UP. The close cooperation with the PERI scaffolding specialists ensures... more

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CEO of Management Group, PERI more

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PERI recently held an official groundbreaking ceremony for the next expansion phase of its scaffolding plant in Guenzburg, Bavaria. more

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Working in close cooperation, PERI supported the construction site managers from Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH with a project-specific formwork and scaffolding concept. more

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Expansion possibilities at PERI's main plant in Weissenhorn are limited, therefore PERI has built a new manufacturing facility in the neighboring town of Günzburg, creating jobs for many. more

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The Integrated Scaffold Program was a key factor in selecting PERI's Industrial Scaffolding System for a recent $5 billion engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) expansion project. more

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It only takes one hurricane to devastate an area. Therefore, having a strong support system ready when needed this hurricane season is key to safety and recovery. more

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