In addition to everything else, managers must have a good depth of working knowledge regarding turnaround materials. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

At Onpoint, we believe that experience is the best teacher, which is why we consistently leverage our decades of experience to develop innovative solutions for solving the problems that cause turnarounds (TARs) to go over budget. Read more


The turnaround industry is being hit hard by the baby boomer retirement tidal wave. Every day sees another 10,000 skilled workers evaporate from our national talent pool, leaving behind two classes of people: those who are fully qualified... Read more

Training & Human Resources

Vice President (VP) of sales and marketing, Onpoint Industrial Services Read more

People Going Places

Business development manager, Onpoint. Read more

People Going Places

A major factor in whether turnarounds sink or survive is tied directly to whether the site has high-quality written methodologies. Though turnaround methodology manuals have grown in popularity, there is still a plethora of sites that either do not.. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

It happens every day. Hours of time are lost and as a result, thousands of dollars are wasted. Why? Because there isn't enough expertise to go around on a turnaround jobsite. Read more

Plant Management & Operations

Jeremy Osterberger with the BIC Alliance checks out the new personnel bus wrap with Onpoint’s Keith Dillard and Chris Morgan during Onpoint’s recent crawfish boil in April. Read more

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As plant owner, you have two options for managing turnaround transportation: decentralized, which hands each contractor the responsibility of transporting their crews to and from their assigned units, and centralized, which relies on a single... Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

VP of HS&E, Onpoint Read more

People Going Places

During the execution of a turnaround, the schedule is in a very real sense the checking account for the event. Those who manage schedulers owe it to themselves to receive proper training in the management of at least 10 key areas. Read more

Plant Management & Operations

Have you met Onpoint's CEO, Liz Crow? In this profile video, learn how Liz got started in the petrochemical industry, what she can't get through the workday without, and how she believes technology will continue to transform the way we do business. Read more

BIC Videos

In an effort to better align the comprehensive services offered by both, WTMC and OnPoint, we are unifying our industry-leading team of highly trained professionals under one, cohesive brand: Onpoint. Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

CEO, Onpoint Read more

People Going Places

Onpoint provides a flex work force to support maintenance and project organizations for turnarounds, revamps, shutdowns and capital project... Read more

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