JEFFREY WEBBER, President, AltairStrickland

In order to reach an optimum level of leadership, it is important to understand you are not the keeper of all the great ideas. Read more

Plant Management & Operations

Last month, I wrote about how a manager’s attitude has a profound impact on employees . Just as important is the attitude of employees. At AltairStrickland, we believe hiring men and women with the r... Read more

Training & Human Resources

It’s been said, “One bad apple spoils the bunch.” And it takes only one negative team member to severely impact the team’s ability to be successful in achieving the desired goals. On the other hand, a... Read more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

I have had the good fortune of working around and with people who are great examples of leadership. I also have been exposed to not so great leadership examples.  The individuals I learned from have h... Read more

Technological advances over the past 20 years have made the world a much smaller place. We now hold more computing power in our hands than past business leaders could have dreamt of. Our access to dat... Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

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