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Like any other highly successful company, our amazing staff and contributors from business and industry are experienced professionals and passionate about what we do "to connect people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of a Read more

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I've always found that midyear is a good time to take a break, get some rest, review goals and prepare mentally for the second half of the year. Read more

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In the summertime, many of us enjoy watching our children or someone we know graduate from high school or college. Read more

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Today, according to the Manhattan Institute, hydrocarbons collectively supply 84 percent of the world's energy of all forms -- power, transportation, etc. Read more

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As we celebrate these milestones, we want to begin by thanking everyone -- God, family, friends, staff, marketing partners, readers and suppliers -- for your prayers, kindness and support, and your role in our success. Read more

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Connections are intentional; they don't happen merely by accident. Read more

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It's what we do together that counts! Read more

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Between August 2017 and August 2018, U.S. crude oil production increased by 2.1 million barrels a day, the largest year-on-year increase in U.S. history. Read more

We are dedicated to connecting individuals for mutual benefit through “Media That Matters” and by hosting networking events where personal introductions take place. Read more

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I am particularly proud of the breadth of useful and industry-friendly editorial, which sets us apart from other publications. Read more

I thought I would begin this exciting issue of BIC Magazine with a few comments about the importance of understanding the role of a brand ambassador. Read more

Many of you loyal readers know already that BIC rarely speaks to political parties or specific candidates. We do, however, support policy that fosters our industries and free enterprise in general. Read more

A lot has changed since I resigned as training manager from Hill Petroleum 35 years ago this month to launch BIC Alliance. Read more

Do I create an environment of empowerment for managers and employees to feel fulfilled and engaged in their tasks? Read more

Dear business and industry friends, welcome to our April and 34th anniversary edition of BIC Magazine — your Business & Industry Connection. Read more

American energy is great again. And you should feel great about it, too. Read more

We include leadership insight from Lubrizol Bayport Plant Manager Anh-Thy Tran, LyondellBasell Channelview Site Manager Kim Foley, JV Driver Group President Todd Robinson and Lifting Gear Hire Business Sales Manager Dan Pittman. Read more

Happy New Year and welcome to a very special double issue of Business & Industry Connection Magazine. Read more

2017 has been a great year, we had record levels of revenue, reinvested in our publication, products, services and staff. To what do we owe these accolades and successes? I believe they are due to the culture and philosophy of servant leadership. Read more

Following my regular practice of 34 years as a publisher of BIC Magazine, I pray that each issue of BIC Magazine and the articles I and others write will help enhance the lives of our readers. Read more

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