Executive Profile

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Midwest Cooling Tower Services Business Development Manager David Spotts has learned a thing or two about being an effective manager over the years. Read more

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Stephanie Cargile, Public and Government Affairs Manager, ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Read more

Plant Management & Operations

BASF's Vidalia Site Manager Steven Pierre is honored to be at the helm of this Louisiana plant, which continues to be one of the most efficient producers of process catalysts. Read more

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Chevron's emphasis on human performance involves an organizational shift in the way the company thinks about safety, ensuring the presence of safeguards that prevent incidents. Read more

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Studio Oostrum

BIC Magazine recently sat down with Ivers to learn more about his professional goals and background. Read more

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In the late '70s, Oliver Auston's father started Checkmate Lifting & Safety in the United Kingdom, where it has grown and received numerous accolades. Read more

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The International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) is the only trade association to advocate exclusively for the tanks and terminals industry. Read more

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When John Koegel came on board as plant manager of Arkema's Clear Lake facility at the beginning of 2018, his first order of business was getting an "accurate pulse check" on the organization, from the leadership to the employees on the shop floor. Read more

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SAFER Systems President Eric Fishman is responsible for leading the company as it undergoes significant growth. BIC Magazine recently visited with Fishman to learn more about his story at SAFER Systems. Read more

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Sun Coast's Vice President of Business Development Kyle Lehne says his biggest lesson learned is never to tell a customer "no," but rather to always find a solution that meets the needs of the specific situation. Read more

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BIC Magazine recently sat down with Diaz to learn more about his personal goals and motivations for his new position as the company's sales and marketing manager. Read more

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Environmental awareness

Gaj Rudolf

As CEO of The Dow Chemical Company, Fitterling said he strongly believes the chemical industry's future success hinges on its ability "to get sustainability right." Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

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Pixel Studio Productions

Scot Desiderio, business development manager for chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas at Dekker Vacuum Technologies, can't imagine working in another industry; he's found his best fit. Read more

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ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery

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ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant Manager Jason Duncan's current focus is to continue to integrate and optimize the plant's new cracker into the existing facility. Read more

Refining & Petrochemical Processing

Family business poised to thrive amid corporate competition Read more


Enginuity Global has been in business for just over one year, and CEO and Managing Member Dan Ducoté is not surprised at its success -- because of what he calls the "dream team." Read more

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Dragon Jacket Insulation President and CEO Todd Peretti has more than 28 years of supply chain management experience. Read more

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Through starting a number of businesses over the years, Pete Vrettakos has learned that being a good leader means taking care of one of the most important parts of the business: his employees. Read more

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ASAP Drug Solutions Inc., a division of Tang & Company, has become one of the largest premier third-party administrators for employee screening in the world. Read more

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