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In the complex world of downstream oil and gas processing, the barometric leg is a simple yet essential component of a vacuum system that employs a pre-condenser. The leg itself has these essential principles of design: Read more

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Anaerobic digestion in wastewater treatment is used to reduce the volume of waste solids and recover energy in the form of methane, carbon dioxide and digestate. Read more

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From production through distribution, the proven technology of the liquid-ring process, proven durability of the pumps in the field and proven low maintenance requirements make the LRVP/LRC one of the most trusted... Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

Dekker Vacuum Technologies is accepting applicants for its next annual rotating equipment service school, to be held at the company headquarters in Michigan City. Read more

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Vacuum and low-pressure gas compression are critical components at the core of a multitude of separation processes used in the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. Read more

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POWER-GEN International is a 30-year-strong power generation event with diverse content for all forms of energy - with a multi-track summit and knowledge hubs, a huge exhibition with 900+ companies and comprehensive networking and matchmaking. Read more

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