Recruiting Tips

CARBER® is a privately owned, global specialty industrial service company based in Houston. CARBER offers trained and experienced technicians to provide professional and timely services driven by a health, safety and environmental program that reflec Read more

Training & Human Resources

In the run-up to the NASA launch to the moon in the ’60s, reporters swarmed the Cape Kennedy station, interviewing project chiefs, astronauts, congressional representatives —  all those in charge of t... Read more

Training & Human Resources

The war for talent is on. With an unprecedented economic recovery, the marketplace for talent is becoming more competitive by the day. Today’s companies across all industries are battling harder than ... Read more

Training & Human Resources

Now that the economy seems to be turning around, BIC Recruiting is receiving more inquiries from prospective employers seeking to find “A” level talent.  These prospective employers often start with g... Read more

Many Louisiana companies need to hire qualified employees as the state enters a historic economic expansion, which for some employers is their biggest challenge.  Servicemen and women who have complet... Read more

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