BRAD DEUTSER, President, Deutser

While traditional business models are often driven by communication, strategy, culture and innovation, Leading Clarity is the governing force that both aligns and connects employee and company goals, objectives, expectations and outcomes. Read more

New Products & Services

Thinking outside the box has long been the perceived go-to solution for results and creativity. We often hear leaders in this industry exclaim, “We need to think outside the box to increase efficiency,” “An outside-the-box idea is necessary to Read more

Training & Human Resources

Organizations across every industry are searching for that elusive engagement that is vital to employees remaining focused, connected and performing at their peak. Read more

Training & Human Resources

Today, craftsmen have a choice of where they work and under what conditions. They will still move for more dollars, but they increasingly value more from their employers whether it is culture, safety or training. Read more

Training & Human Resources

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