Bryan Canfield, General Manager of Total Petrochemicals and Refining’s Port Arthur Refinery said he believes there is great value in owners and managers getting “out in the field” to better understand problems and challenges facing workers. Read more

Training & Human Resources

In his capacity as a board member for the U.S. Chemical Safety Board, Manny Ehrlich is dedicated to help the organization drive chemical safety change through dependent investigations to protect people and the environment... Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

According to Julie Thyne, Gulf Coast Continuous Improvement Leader for Dow Chemical, “structured brainstorming” with “front-line” personnel can be a powerful problem-solving tool. Read more

According to Gregg Kiihne, Director of Process Safety Expert Services for BASF, the definition of any job can be described as a given set of tasks, “plus continuous improvement.” Read more

Training & Human Resources

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