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Photo courtesy of Architectural Design: FSB, Architects & Engineers.

Control rooms are the hub of your operations, and within them, operators monitor systems and make decisions that positively or negatively impact your process, profits and human lives. Operators have tremendous responsibility. Read more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Evosite will continue to provide purpose-built control room solutions to its customers. Read more

Supplier News

Evosite console uniquely designed, built for purpose Read more

Maintenance & Reliability

BIC's Becky Salinas visits with Gulf Coast Boiler and Evosite. Read more

BIC Attends

Budgets often stand between a project team and an optimal control room design. To ensure the best possible outcome, all parties must understand the budget planning process. Read more

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Evosite BU.PNG

Photo courtesy of Architectural Design: FSB, Architects & Engineers.

The correct console is a key element in every control room. Many are purpose- built solutions that require a direct manufacturer relationship to complete the project on time and without costly delays. Read more

Plant Management & Operations

Evosite has introduced Ergocon, a console designed for individual users and high-traffic central control rooms. Read more

New Products & Services

Evosite has promoted Edward Diaz to sales and marketing manager, where he will be responsible for website design, Google AdWords, Bing AdWords... Read more

People Going Places

BIC Magazine recently sat down with Diaz to learn more about his personal goals and motivations for his new position as the company's sales and marketing manager. Read more

Current Issue

Thanks to Evosite, students attending the new Center for Petrochemical, Energy, and Technology at the San Jacinto College Central Campus will have the opportunity to work in a real-world control room environment. Read more

Training & Human Resources