TERRY GROMES Jr., Automation Specialist, Terydon Inc.

We are all familiar with the occasional case of “the Mondays.” However, few people today experience a Monday like a mid-20th century bank teller. On a normal Monday in 1969, it was common to see a line of 40-50 people outside the bank at the start of more

Training & Human Resources

With the resources that are available around us today, we can rid ourselves of mediocre technology designed merely to meet the status quo of "now," but then become obsolete within minimal time. more

Maintenance & Reliability

The Bluetooth communication standard is embedded in many products, ranging from wireless mice and keyboards to smartphones. Over 3 billion Bluetooth products will ship this year, with 5 billion products projected to ship by 2019. more

Plant Management & Operations

As the importance of safety and production in the industrial cleaning industry is recognized, the need for automated tooling for cleaning is in high demand. And why not, as its presence already floods our everyday lives? more

Health, Safety & Environmental

Safety, by default, is the practice of certain protocol we all follow in the face of a job: personal protective equipment, designated danger zones and even environmentally safe practices. more

Health, Safety & Environmental

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