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Watch the new web series by BIC Alliance featuring Earl B. Heard as he imparts his nuggets of advice. Special thanks to BIC Media Solutions and New Orleans Mission Media for producing this segment. Enjoy! more

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Optimal cleaning to an "inspection clean" status ensures operational efficiency and a longer duration between cleaning requirements. more

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CTI Industries can help you eliminate tube leaks on both new and existing heat exchanger tubes. Our full length tube liners and shield/seals can be constructed from a variety of alloys and will extend the service life of heat exchangers for many year more

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Capstone Fire & Safety Management provides on-site firefighting, life safety and confined space rescue services for public and private entities seeking to adhere to OSHA regulations as well as mitigate costs and liability exposures to fire and safety more

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Experience the first wireless technology that allows area monitors and personal gas monitors to communicate. more

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The Ventis Pro Series is a gas detector built with the capacity to alert its user of a potentially life-threatening situation. Watch the video to learn of its capabilities. more

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